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Match Results – Sunday 27th January – Island, Middle and Ash Pools

1ST                   AIDAN MANSFIELD            92-12-0

Maver Gold/Bagem Baits Peg 18 Ash

2ND                   RICH HOSKINS                   54-4-0

Daiwa Gordon League Peg 27 Middle

3RD                   SEAN LITTLE                        50-4-0

Map Marukyu Peg 6 Island

4TH                   NEIL MCKINNON              50-0-0

Preston Innovations Peg 38 Island

5TH                   JOHN NEWTON                   44-10-0

Smithys AC Peg 21 Ash


With 45 anglers turning up for the Sunday Open, three pools were used and Aidan Mansfield, fishing Peg 18 Ash, was a good way in front of the strong competition.  He fished pole and pellet and groundbait feeder to catch commons, mirrors and F1s.  Second was Daiwa Gordon League’s Rich Hoskins with 54-4-0 of F1 carp.  Third was Sean Little off fancied Peg 6 on Island. He caught commons, mirrors and F1s fishing straight lead and pole.  Closely followed by Neil McKinnon on the same pool with 50lbs of F1s.