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Match Results – Sunday 6th January – Middle, Ash, Boundary and Windmill Pools

1ST                   PAUL NEWELL                    116-8-0

Smithys Peg 12 Windmill

2ND                   NEIL MCKINNON              85-12-0

Preston Innovations Peg 15 Ash

3RD                   CARL MULFORD                 79-8-0

Cotswold Angling Peg 24 Windmill

4TH                    KURTIS TRANTOR                  69-12-0

Bait Tech Peg 8 Boundary

5TH                   STEVEN NURDIN                 61-10-0

Brewery AC Peg 26 Middle

40 fished.  Paul Newell fished waggler with bread on the hook and fed a small amount of corn off fancied Peg 12 Windmill at half depth to catch commons and mirrors up to 8lb, F1s and skimmers.  His comment after the match was “he’d come from Paradise and found Heaven”.  Neil Mckinnon, on Peg 15 Ash, fished pole and pellet and caught commons, mirrors and skimmers at varying depths throughout the match.  Carl Mulford, on Peg 24 Windmill, caught commons, mirrors and mainly F1s up against the island, fishing pole and pellet.  Top weight on Boundary was Kurtis Trantor, also fishing pole and pellet with commons and mirrors and a decent bag of skimmers.  Steve Nurdin was top on Middle Pool, fishing pole and pellet, catching commons and mirrors up to 8lb.