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Open Match Results – Wednesday 31st July – Middle Pool

1ST                   CHRIS TELLING                    353-8-0  NEW VENUE RECORD

Colmic Peg 26

2ND                   BARRY DUGGAN                184-0-0

Banbury Gunsmiths Peg 6

3RD                   STEVE FOSTER                      175-0-0

Evesham Jubilee Peg 10

4TH                   STEVE PLANT                        121-12-0

Flying Scotsman Peg 12

5th                    JASON COOKE                  118-10-0

W B Clarke/Sensas Peg 24

The regular Wednesday Open Match produced some spectacular weights, including a new venue record of 353lbs 8oz of common, mirror and F1 carp, caught by Colmic’s Chris Telling.  He fished long pole and 6mm pellet shallow off fancied Peg 26.