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Open Match Result – Saturday 14th December – Middle and Ash Pools

1st TERRY WINSTONE               115-6-0

Bonehill Mill Peg 18 Ash

2nd JOHN NEWTON                  94-8-0

Smithys Tackle Peg 24 Middle

3rd NEIL McKINNON                 89-14-0

Preston Innovations Peg 3 Ash

4th STEVE PARTINGTON          76-4-0

Arthurs Angling Supplies Peg 5 Ash

5th DAVE WELLAVIZE                62-6-0

M F L Peg 15 Ash

19 Fished over the two pools and top rods on both pools caught on long pole and pellet catching f1’s and better carp the best being a  18lb 6oz mirror caught by Steve Partington on long pole