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Open Match Results – Sunday 28th December – Island, Middle and Boundary Pools

1ST                   STEVE BEARD                       64-0-0

Shipston AC Peg 10 Middle

2ND                  CHRIS TELLING                    54-0-0

Colmic Airon Peg 37 Boundary

3RD                   MARK HEMMING                 48-0-0

Lodge Park Peg 23 Island

4TH                  DAVE VELAVIZE                  42-6-0

Royal Marines Peg 17 Island

5TH                   JASON MORRIS                 39-8-0

Shipson AC Peg 13 Island

6TH                   BEN SUTOR                                   37-8-0

Astwood Bank AC Peg 8 Middle

20 fished. Commons, mirrors, F1 carp and silvers caught on pole and pellet and maggot feeder.