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Match Result – Sunday 8th March – Island, Windmill and Middle pools

1st STEVE FORD 96-0-0
Daiwa / Old Ghost Peg 32 Island
2nd MARK HEMMING 88-8-0
Lodge Park Peg 34 Windmill
3rd ROB ELLIS 77-0-0
Smithys Peg 9 Middle
4th CHRIS TELLING 58-0-0
Colmic / Airon Peg 23 Island
5th ALAN TALBOT 56-0-0
Team Hydro / Bait Tech Peg 24 Windmill
6th JAMIE READ 51-0-0
Cotswold Angling Peg 12 Island
26 Fished Steve followed is win on Saturday with another today catching again shallow on the pellet waggler