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Winter League Final Round – Saturday 9th February – Island, Ash, Windmill, Boundary and Middle Pools

1st                    Mark Malin                                         75-12-0

                        MAP/Bait Tech Peg 3 Middle

2nd                   Ben Sutor                                            73-14-0

                        MFL Peg 33 Island

3rd                    Tony Gregorjevs                                 72-8-0

                        Angling Times Peg 6 Island

4th                    James Dixey                                        55-10-0

                        Oxford Peg 22 Windmill

5th                    George Organ                                     52-12-0

                        Garbolino Peg 15 Windmill

6th                    Steve Page                                          50-8-0

                        Oxford Peg 36 Island

Final Position:-

1st Ben Sutor 10 points

2nd Gary Donachie – 12 points

3rd Steve Ford 13 points

4th Liam Dennick 14 points

5th James Read 16 points

Joint 6th Steve Page and James Dixey – 19 points

37 fished. Commons, mirrors, skimmers and F1s caught on pole and pellet and straight lead.