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Open Match Results – Sunday 17th March – Middle & Boundary Pools

1st Max Galaszewski 89-14-0
Bag-em Baits Peg 25 Middle

2nd Darren Fisher 77-0-0
Allens Tackle Peg 27 Middle

3rd George Organ 76-14-0
Garbolino Peg 23 Middle

4th Chris Cameron 72-0-0
Middy/Bait Tech Peg 39 Boundary

5th Luke Newton 71-0-0
Smithy’s Peg 2 Middle

6th Steve Ford 67-6-0
Mosella UK/Bag-em Baits Peg 12 Boundary

26 fished. Commons, mirrors, skimmers and F1s caught on pole and pellet and straight lead.