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Open Match Results – Saturday 13th April – Island & Ash Pools

1st                    Andy Grimes                                       106-14-0

Sensas A46 Peg 20 Ash

2nd                   Steve Ford                                           106-8-0

Mosella UK/Bag-em Baits Peg 18 Island

3rd                    Gary Watts                                          103-4-0

MFL Peg 14 Island

4th                    Jim Smiff                                             93-14-0

Pershore Peg 5 Ash

5th                    Nick Dean                                           80-0-0

Oxford Peg 3 Ash

6th                    Darren Fisher                                      76-4-0

Allens Tackle Peg 27 Island

15 fished. Commons, mirrors, skimmers and F1s caught on pole and pellet and straight lead.