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First Double Figure Barbel of the Season

Next Week’s Open Matches

Wednesday 17th April – Island Pool Thursday 18th April – Boundary & Middle Pools Saturday 20th April – Middle & Ash Pools Sunday 21st April – Island Pool (PLEASE BOOK IN AS ONLY ONE POOL AVAILABLE) Monday 22nd April – Island & Middle    

Next Week’s Open Matches

Wednesday 10th April – Island Pool Thursday 11th April – Boundary Pool Saturday 13th April – Island & Ash Pools Sunday 14th April – Boundary & Middle Pools

Sunday Open Match

If you are planning to fish this Sunday’s Open Match, don’t forget to put your clock forward an hour or you will be late!!!

Next Week’s Open Matches

Wednesday 27th March – Middle Pool Thursday 28th March – Boundary & Middle Pools Saturday 30th March – Island & Middle Pools Sunday 31st March – Island & Middle Pools

Open Matches – Change to Fishing Time

Now that Spring has arrived, the draw time for all Open Matches will still be at 9.30. Fishing will be from 11.00 till 4.00. This is for the Spring/Summer months and will revert back to 10.30 till 3.30 when necessary.

Next Week’s Open Matches

Wednesday 20th March – Island Pool Thursday 21st March – Middle & Ash Pools Saturday 23rd March – Middle & Boundary Pools Sunday 24th March – Island & Middle Pools

Saturday Open Match – 16th March

This will now be held on Island and Middle Pools (instead of Windmill).

Open Match Results – Thursday 14th March – Middle & Windmill Pools – Affordable Open

1st                    Andy Wilkes                                        167-2-0                         Broom AC Peg 19 Middle 2nd                   Frank Donachie                                   150-6-0                         Mosella UK Peg 21 Middle 3rd                    Phil Sutor                                            100-14-0                         MFL Peg 27 Middle 4th                    Steve Hemming                                  72-14-0                         Sensas/Smithy‚Äôs Peg 23 Middle 10 fished. Commons, mirrors, skimmers and F1s caught on pole and […]

Open Match Results – Sunday 10th March – Island, Windmill & Ash Pools

1st                    George Organ                                     101-12-0                         Garbolino Peg 7 Ash 2nd                   Chris Rust                                           97-12-0                         Hinders Baits Peg 33 Windmill 3rd                    Robin Shaw                                        91-4-0                         MFL Peg 20 Ash 4th                    Neil McKinnon                                   90-10-0                         Preston Innovations Peg 15 Ash 5th                    Mick Hancock                                     89-8-0                         Maver […]