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Open Match Results – Saturday 10th November – Middle and Boundary Pools

1st Liam Dennick 74-0-0 MFL Peg 33 Boundary 2nd Glen Picton 73-4-0 Spotted Fin/Garbolino Peg 25 Middle 3rd Steve Page 64-2-0 Oxford Peg 27 Middle 4th Chris Cameron 61-2-0 Middy/Bait Tech Peg12 Middle 5th Steve Partington 60-0-0 Manor Angling Peg 12 Boundary 6th Dave Thompson 57-4-0 Broom AC Peg 37 Boundary 19 fished. Commons, mirrors […]

Open Match Results – Saturday 6th October – Boundary Pool

1st George Organ 76-12-0 MFL Peg 19 2nd Ian McCulloch 52-8-0 Walkers Floats Peg 10 3rd Barry Duggan 36-4-0 Baileys of Warwick Peg 8 10 fished. Commons, mirrors, skimmers and F1s caught on pole and pellet and straight lead.

Next Week’s Open Matches – Change

Saturday’s Open on 8th September will now be on Middle and Boundary instead of Ash and Boundary.

Saturday Individual Winter League Dates

Just a reminder of our Saturday Individual Winter League dates:- 27th October 2018 17th November 2018 8th December 2018 12th January 2019 26th January 2019 9th February 2019 £85 entry for first match plus £25 per match thereafter.

Barbel Caught on the Main Stretch Recently

A couple of decent barbel caught recently on our main stretch.

Next Week’s Open Matches

Wednesday 27th June – Island Pool Thursday 28th June – Island Pool Saturday 30th June – Windmill & Island Pools Sunday 1st July – Ash & Island Pools

Next Week’s Open Matches

Wednesday 6th June – Island Pool Thursday 7th June – Boundary Pool Saturday 9th June – Windmill Pool Sunday 10th June – Island Pool

Next Week’s Open Matches

Wednesday 2nd May – Island & Middle Pools Thursday 3rd May – Island & Ash Pools Saturday 5th May – Windmill and Island Sunday 6th May – Island Pool Monday 7th May – Island & Middle Pools

Harvington Golf Centre

The golf course will be closed today.

Next Week’s Open Matches

Wednesday 20th September – Middle Pool Thursday 21st September – Boundary Pool Saturday 23rd September – Boundary Pool Sunday 24th September – Boundary Pool