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We do not have a unique SAT NAV for lakes – nearest is WR11 8NS (Crest Hill).  SAT NAV for caravan site, river and golf course is WR11 8PA. When using Google Maps you need to add Anchor Lane as well as the post code, otherwise it takes you to the other side of the river at Offenham.

We have seven well stocked stillwaters that are open all year from 7.30am until dusk.

The Windmill lakes site is half a mile from our caravan site,  covering an area of approximately 30 acres and has six lakes:

– Windmill Lake 35 pegs
– Boundary Pool 44 pegs
– Bottom Pool 30 pegs
– Middle Pool 30 pegs
– Island Pool 39 pegs
– Ash Pool 25 pegs

Windmill Lake (35 pegs)
This lake is stocked with carp from 8oz to 25lb, tench, roach, perch and bream. Best baits are maggot and corn. Pleasure anglers are having a fish a chuck of all sized fish. Down at the bottom end around peg 14 it is 12ft deep and at the top end by peg 4 it is 5ft deep.  There are a lot of trees around this lake providing shelter on windy days.

Boundary Pool (44 pegs)
The carp go up to 25lb in this lake but it is predominantly a mixed lake of most species.  Pleasure anglers are having a lot of 2lb carp on corn and hook-pellet, feeding micro pellet to attract them into the swim.  This lake is 3 acres in size with a shelf all the way round at approximately 5ft depth. Over the shelf there is a drop off of about 18″. Current match record on this pool is 284lb.

Bottom Pool (30 pegs)
This is a shallower pool with carp from 1lb to 25lb, together with roach, bream and perch. It is ideal for floating bread and dog biscuit fishing.

Middle Pool (30 pegs)
This pool is not as deep as the other pools.  There is a shelf all the way round of 4ft with a drop off of another foot.  This is a purpose built match pool. Best baits are maggot, corn, meat and pellet. The winning weight can come off any peg, making it a fair and even match venue. This pool has carp averaging 4lb and tench to 3lb with odd fish into double figures.

It is quite common in matches for every angler to catch more than 30lbs with a winning weight of about 130lb.  Current match record on this pool is 339lb 12oz.

Island Pool (39 pegs)
This pool is a match pool of 3.5 acres with an island in the middle.  Depths in this pool range from 4ft to 8ft. The carp go up to double figures but the majority of them are around the 2.5lb mark.  There is a good head of tench with a few going up to 4lb.  Skimmers up to 2.5lb.  Open match weights on this pool have been up to 312lb. Best baits are maggot, corn, meat and pellet.

Ash Pool (25 pegs)
This is a small match pool, ideal for clubs or small opens.  The fish range from 8oz to 25lb. There are carp, ghost carp, golden tench, golden orfe, skimmers and roach. Best baits are maggot, corn and pellet. Depths in the pool range from 4ft to 8ft.

The Wood Pool (12 pegs)
The Wood Pool is a small farm pool (12 pegs), which is heavily stocked with carp, tench, roach and perch.

Windmill Lakes Stillwater Rules (pleasure fishing)

* Open from 7.30 am till dusk.
* No night fishing.
* Barbless hooks only.
* No braid.
* No tiger nuts,  joker, bloodworm or artificial baits (including plastic maggots, corn or bread).
* Keepnets are only allowed in organised matches, (when three nets
need to be used.)

* Regular opens, club matches and pleasure anglers are all catered

Stillwater Prices
* Day tickets available on the bank at £10.00.
* Concessions £7.00.
* Juniors £6.00.
* Evening tickets £5.00.

We reserve the right to change the fishery rules and prices at any time.


1)    It is now compulsory to use 3 nets in Open Matches. One for carp under 1lb and all silver fish and the other two nets for fish over 1lb, to be split evenly.

2)       Barbless hooks only (pinched down barbs are not allowed). No braid to be used.

3)    No floating baits, tiger nuts, joker, bloodworm or artificial baits (including plastic maggots, corn and bread). No feeding before a match starts.

4)    One rod only to be used.  No cupping in while a feeder or waggler rod is in use. No hand-lining or touching elastic while fish on. Pull bungs can be used.

5)       While tackling up, open keepnets out on the bank to dry. Place nets in water just before match starts.

6)    All fish to be landed in a landing net (not swung in).

7)     When match starts, no assistance is to be given to the competitor by anyone. Also no bait is to be given to competitor by another person. If bait or assistance given, angler will be disqualified.

8}   For the May Festival – non attendance on any day will result in disqualification.

9) Anyone not complying with these rules may be asked to leave.


The Windmill Cafe (our onsite Cafe)

The Windmill Cafe offers a good breakfast and a selection of sandwiches

and is open daily from 7.30am to 10.30am.

For cafe enquiries please ring Mary on 07890801113.

Manor Angling

Arthur's Angling Supplies

Manor Angling is now running our on site Tackle Shop.

Tackle and bait available from 8.00 am to 12.00 every day (winter hours may vary). If you wish to pre-order any bait for your arrival on holiday, please call Manor Angling on 07557025120 or email and they will make the necessary arrangements.

The Warwickshire Avon (90 pegs)

Two prime stretches of the river Avon (approximately half a mile from our caravan site) varying depth and space,  just below a spawning site so excellent fishing both early summer and throughout the season.  Most seasons see at least 50 double figure barbel , with a 15lb 12oz the largest witnessed recently, whilst our chub record stands at 6lbs 1oz.

The main section of the Avon was featured in The Angling Times on 20th October 2009 by Martin Bowler with the headline “Britain’s best barbel river?” Martin also produced a double page spread in the Angling Times in August 2015 featuring our river “Warwickshire Avon is right up with the best”. It is noted for quality bags of chub, roach and barbel with 40lbs often being topped on good days. The first field fishes well to the waggler and stick float, with the feeder working well when the fish are feeding on the bottom. The bottom two fields have a little extra depth and fish well on the feeder or stick float. In warm weather the waggler towards the middle works well.

The second section is called the Lock Cut with pegs on the lock arm and on the main river. These pegs fish well all year round, but especially when there is extra water in the river. This section contains a large head of roach, chub and perch, carp to 20lb and a few quality tench. Pole, stick float, waggler and feeder methods all work well on these pegs.

Best baits are maggot or caster on float tackle. When fish start to show, keep feeding little and often. Luncheon meat or worm work well fishing a static bait for big chub and barbel.

Please note that the Pump House section is no longer available.

Cars can be driven right up behind most pegs (unless it’s too wet). A few pegs require a short walk.

River Prices
* Day tickets available on the bank at £8.00.
* Concessions £6.00.
* Juniors £6.00.
* Evening tickets £5.00.
* 24 hour tickets are £10.00.

Please see below some fishing feedback we have had sent to us over the years:-
posted by P Newlove
As a committed barbel angler, I have never had a lot to do with commercial fisheries, preferring the solitude of a remote spot on the Severn, Trent or Avon. However, that has changed recently after visiting Manor Farm Leisure at Harvington, near Evesham.

All the lakes fished very well, carp from ozs to 20lb. The 111 pegs on the Avon controlled by MFL contain excellent barbel swims, fallen trees, sunken weirs etc, on the lock cut pegs, although I didn’t have time to fish it, I saw a group of huge carp, several were easily 30+.

I would recommend this fishery to anyone. You can even win a few quid, they have matches almost every day! Brilliant for the kids and there’s plenty of scenery, history and shopping for those non fishing mums. So, all you anglers out there, give it a go.

posted by Mr M & C Rowe
Hi David & Wendy,

Just a quick line to thank you both for a very enjoyable few days fishing. The improvements made since our last visit have, in my mind, changed what was a very good site into one of the very best in the country.

Hope to see you again next year, and thank you both once again for making our stay so enjoyable.

posted by Paul Yates
I am writing to let you know, as promised, how my holiday prize of a week’s fishing at Manor Farm Leisure went. Well I can now tell you that I had a fantastic week’s fishing, in excellent accommodation. I have included a couple of the photo’s I had taken during my stay.

The first picture is of a 6lb Barbel which was part of my biggest bag for the week which totalled 46lb and included 11 Barbel plus 1 Chub. All fell to legered meat from the same swim.

The other picture is of my biggest Barbel for the week, which weighed 8lb, and is now my new personal best for the Warwickshire Avon. This fell to legered meat on a size 6 Drennan Continental Boilie hook direct to 8lb mainline.

I would not hesitate in recommending Manor Farm Leisure to anyone wanting a coarse fishing holiday in beautifully scenic surroundings, with really excellent fishing. Manor Farm Leisure’s appeal is far and wide it really is a fishery to suit all taste’s.

I was made very welcome by the owners David & Wendy Byrd who are very friendly and helpful.

Many thanks for an absolutely fantastic holiday.

Posted by Andrew Hill to Anglers Net
Some months ago, I asked for your help in identifying a suitable venue for a week’s break fishing for Barbel and you pointed me in the direction of Manor Farm Leisure on the Warwickshire Avon in Worcestershire. I and my two companions have just returned from our holiday there and I would just like to say thank you for pointing us in the right direction. We had a superb week in good accommodation, beautiful peaceful surroundings and some superb fishing to boot. I would highly recommend anyone who likes any form of coarse fishing to give Manor Farm a visit, the owners are friendly and helpful and the people of Harvington and nearby Evesham made us feel very welcome.

posted by Danny Holligan
hi just a quick e-mail to say thank you for a excellent holiday, the fishing was amazing, i had never caught a barbel from a river before until my visit, my first barbel was 12lb and my second was 10lb 3oz. haha how lucky am i my first ever barbel and they were both double figure, i also had one of about 6lb. the lock cut part of the river was also superb, i had about 50lb of bream and a tench in about 3 hours before a huge pike spooked my swim. the carp lakes are really good as well but theres just too many fish in them i was supposed to be relaxing haha, bites were non stop. every stretch of river and every lake is brilliant, superbly run site and fishery.

posted by Chris Johnson
Hi Wendy,

just a quick email to say how much my brother and I enjoyed our recent stay with you.

We had a fantastic weeks fishing and tried all the lakes over the week.

We never had a weight under 250LBS !! All week and that is probably an under-estimate.

On the final day , we spent it on Middle pool and both of us caught at least 350Lb in just over 7hrs ….a most enjoyable holiday , on a well run . Efficient and professional venue.

A huge pat on the back for your husband David and his team on their friendly and welcome attitude.

And I will certainly recommend your complex to my colleagues in my Fishing Club.

Please feel free to use this testimonial if you wish .